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1989 – PRESENT

Witness: Janie Garza


Mrs. Janie Garza is a visionary located in Austin, Texas. For over twenty-five years, she has received messages and visions from Our Lady under the title, “Mother of Compassion and Love”, with special

 emphasis on the restoration of family life through the model of the Holy Family, as well as messages from St. Joseph, and several other saints. She has also suffered extensively as a victim soul for the proclamation of the Dogma of Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces and Advocate. Though these apparitions have not been formally approved by the Church, Mrs. Garza has received permission from her local bishop to spread her messages and relay her experiences, not only locally, but also internationally, as communicated to her spiritual director, Fr. Henry Bordeaux, OCD.

August 24,1993 - St. Joseph: St. Joseph: My little one, I, St. Joseph, ask that you prepare your heart and hear with your heart my words and my guidance for your family. I will speak to you about the virtues of a husband, the wife and children. Listen to my words and write them down, so that you may share what I tell you with others.


You asked what should a husband be to God and his family, and what are his responsibilities? Write what I tell you: God, Himself, assigned the husband as the head of his family. The husband is charged with complete responsibility over his family.

These are the virtues of a husband: that he is chaste, giving his love to no other woman but his wife. He must pray for purity, so that he remains pure in his thoughts and desires. He must be meek and pray for humility, so that he may be gentle and loving. He must pray for the virtue of obedience, so that he may persevere with love and faith in doing all that is required of him as a husband. These are the virtues that will assist the husband in his daily walk with God and with his family.

The husband has the responsibilities to his family that a priest has to his church. A priest is called to leave everything and to be one with God. A husband is called to be one with his wife. A priest takes his vows of chastity, poverty and obedience at the time when the Church ordains him; the husband takes the vows of purity, chastity and obedience at the time of his marriage. A priest is given responsibility over his Church: to pray and nurture his flock and to guide them closer to God. A husband must do the same with his family.

A husband must look towards God to send him His Holy Spirit for strength and guidance. He must pray for wisdom and discernment, in order that he may stay on God’s level path that leads towards Heaven. A husband should be gentle and loving. He should provide the necessary needs of his family. He must be loving and firm in the discipline of the children. A husband must look to God and to his family for strength and support.

Janie: The husband has a lot of responsibility!

St. Joseph: Yes, the husband plays the most important role in his family, for God looks to him to take care of his family, to love his wife with gentleness and tenderness and to be a model for his children, especially his sons. The role of the husband is to love his wife and his family like Christ loves the Church. The prayers and love of both husband and wife produce much yield in the lives of their children, for the children are the fruits of their love.

The role of the wife is to trust and submit to her husband, to assist him in his role as head of the family. She must love her husband with gentleness and tenderness, giving herself totally to him and no one else. The wife must bring all decisions to the husband’s attention, so that together they decide what’s best for the family. The place of the wife is at home, to be there for her husband and her children. A wife must accept her role as a mother and wife. She must be humble, loving and gentle towards her family. A wife must pray, so that she may not be distracted from the role assigned to her by God. She must pray for strength, so that she won’t become bored with her responsibilities as a wife.

A wife’s most precious treasures, besides God, should be her family. She must treasure her husband’s love and stand by him at all times. Her love will give her husband strength. A wife is precious in God’s eyes. Through her love for God and her spouse she brings forth life, the birth of her children, God’s gift from Heaven, the fruit of their love. Wives are special to God; they are beautiful roses that blossom as they bring forth life. The virtues that a wife must pray for: purity, obedience and humility.

The role of the children is to be obedient to their parents and to follow the teaching of their parents. Children must remain pure and chaste, concentrating only on what pertains to them concerning their well-being. They must pray for wisdom and discernment in choosing their friends. They must assist their parents in daily responsibilities. They must study hard, putting their trust in God with their education. Children must pray for protection, asking Most Holy Mary to keep them under her motherly protection. Children must love and respect themselves, their parents and others.

Children must not be anxious with choosing careers, but they should pray and listen to what God is asking of them. They should remain chaste and pure and not fall into temptation with the opposite sex. Children must allow themselves to be children and not be anxious about growing up. Children should be joyful, enjoying their childhood and allowing the love and prayers of their parents to help them in their journey.

My little one, I have given you guidance to help you understand the role of the family. Trust in my intercession and pray for all families, so that through your prayers God will bless the families in the world. You have been entrusted with the mission of the family. Continue to trust Jesus and Most Holy Mary in all your prayers and sufferings. This will be a difficult school year for all children. Consecrate this school year to my intercession, and I will protect all children, for the temptations will be strong. The evil one will attempt to destroy many through drugs, fornication and unhealthy relationships. Pray for your children, pray for your children. A family must pray together every day and love one another.

November 12, 1993 – St. Joseph: My child, write down what I, St. Joseph, tell you. Tonight, I want to talk to you about family prayer and its importance. Every family must dedicate at least one hour to praying together. The family should have an area designated for prayer time, where there are no distractions. Together, the family will begin to grow in virtue and in holiness, as they pray together. The family must decide for conversion and make Jesus Christ the center of their lives. All family members, young and old, must participate in daily family prayer.

Every family member must learn prayer of the heart, where the family abandons themselves totally to God. They must trust God and seek His mercy in their prayers. The family that includes the Rosary as part of their daily prayer, this family will receive graces and blessings in every aspect of their life. Through praying the family Rosary, conversion will begin to blossom in the hearts of the family members who are walking in darkness. Through praying the Rosary, God will send His peace and light. Hearts will be healed and love will be born in the hearts of the family. The Rosary is a prayer in which God invites us, through the Holy Spirit, to live the life and mystery of Jesus through the eyes of His Mother, Mary.

I, St. Joseph, ask you, my little one, to share this message. All families must pray the Rosary, trusting Most Holy Mary to guide them gently to her Son, Jesus, as they pray the Holy Rosary. My little one, invite all families, every one, to trust in the power of intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Invite all families to allow Most Holy Mary to teach them how to pray as a family, for she is the perfect example of prayer. She will be present to all who recite the Holy Rosary. As the family gathers for prayer, they must pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten their hearts. My little one, to you, I, St. Joseph, extend my gratitude for your patience in writing down all that I share with you. I love you, my little one.


April 1, 1994 – St. Joseph: Good evening, my little one. Tonight, I, St. Joseph, will help you, for I know of your suffering. Know, my little one, that your suffering is necessary in reparation for the many sins of the world. You have been blessed with seeing with the eyes of your soul the plight of the world. You know of the many souls who continue to live in darkness and who reject the divine light. Do not despair in your suffering, for through your suffering you are learning more about the importance of prayer and fasting. You are becoming more aware, that only through prayer and fasting will hearts begin to change from within.

Tonight, you are sharing in the Passion and suffering of your Beloved Savior and Lord. You are experiencing the rejection, the scourging, and the carrying of the heavy Cross that represented all the sins of the world, which your Savior carried for all humanity.

My little one, continue to embrace your suffering with joy in your heart. I, St. Joseph, am here to tell you that you are doing well, and that your willingness to suffer for your Lord and Savior brings much joy in Heaven, for you have a generous heart and a willing spirit. Your fasting will soon end and you will experience the joy of the Resurrection. While you are experiencing physical hunger, your spirit is being nourished by your suffering. My little one, it has been a hard journey for you, but God is pleased with all your little sacrifices for they come from your heart.

I, St. Joseph, thank you for preparing for this time. I know how tired you are and how quiet you are tonight. Your gentle and quiet mood is most pleasing to you Beloved Savior, for even in your suffering you are in a prayerful and loving attitude. I, St. Joseph, bless you with God’s peace. Go, my little one, and sleep in God’s total peace.


July 9, 1994 – St. Joseph: Good morning, my little one, I, St. Joseph, greet you with God’s peace. My little one, know that it was God’s Holy Will that you be awakened this early, for the message you are about to receive is important. While your family sleeps, God’s blessings are upon them for they are dear to God. My little one, prepare to write and listen to every word.

God continues to appeal to all humanity through Most Holy Mary. The world is in need of much prayer and repentance. It is most important that all of God’s children plead for His mercy for all their sinfulness. The sinfulness of the world is crying for God’s intervention.

The evil to destroy life grows stronger in the hearts of many. Respect for life has little value in your own country. Millions of unborn infants are murdered in their mothers’ wombs. These innocent ones die a most horrible death. Parents participate in this horrible evil of destroying life by allowing their youth to use birth control. The schools have great influence on the youth in teaching them that using birth control is wise. Many priests and consecrated souls support this evil plan of Satan to destroy life. If only God’s people would pray for God’s wisdom, they would understand that the use of birth control is another silent way that Satan influences God’s people to destroy innocent lives. My little one, pray for this horrible evil to end. Ask God to protect all the young people in the world, so that they may desire to have purity of heart band to remain chaste.

God has chosen you to suffer and to make reparation for the families in the world. He is pleased with your efforts. Continue to embrace the suffering in the world through your prayers. Jesus is much offended, He is much offended! Embrace Him, embrace Him. Peace, my little one, peace.


​March 19, 1998 – St. Joseph: St. Joseph came with Our Lord, Our Lady, and many angels.


My little one, I, St. Joseph, am deeply grateful to all who are gathered here today to celebrate my feast day. Many are the blessings and healings that will be bestowed on all the families gathered here.

My little one, know that I, St. Joseph, will help all who turn to me for help. I am the Protector of the Church and of the Family, and those who turn to me and invoke my intercession have my perpetual assistance. I intercede for all families, and I guard the spiritual well-being of their children. The families who invoke my intercession are under my constant protection, and I lead them closer to the Hearts of Jesus and His Most Holy Mother.

My little one, I, St. Joseph, encourage all families to renew their family prayer and to trust in the intercession of the Holy Family. God has immense love for the family who keeps the Ten Commandments alive in their hearts. God blesses the families who live in His love and peace because of their prayers. Prayer is the way to salvation, and the family that prays together obtains this salvation. My little one, continue to serve God as a family and never abandon this effort.

Our Lord and Our Lady did not speak. I saw Our Lord standing over a young man who was suffering from heart problems. I knew that Our Lord healed this young man. Our Lord stood in front of this man and placed His hand over the person’s heart. Praise be Jesus forever and ever.


March 19, 1999 – St. Joseph: St. Joseph came with Our Lady and the Child Jesus. The three Archangels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael came with the Holy Family. St. Philomena was also present. Many angels accompanied these heavenly visitors. St. Joseph was the only one who spoke.

My little one, I am always with you. You are most dear to my heart. You honor me by your love and devotion. You have helped many of God’s children to have devotion to me. I am deeply grateful to you for all your hard efforts to foster devotion to me, St. Joseph. Thank you, my little one.

To the Bride of the Son of the Living God, beloved shepherds and religious, I, St. Joseph, Guardian and protector of the Church of Jesus Christ, urge each one of you to give your hearts to God, for you are His representatives. Beloved, you are the reflection of the Good Shepherd, and God the Father looks to you to lead the flock entrusted to your care to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These are critical times in which you are living, a time when many of God’s representatives are struggling with their own loyalty and obedience to God the Father. Many shepherds are consumed with their own gain and self glory. Others have no direction in their lives. Many have allowed the Devil to infiltrate their hearts and minds with the empty promises of the world. The Devil has infiltrated the hearts of many shepherds with the spirit of pride and power which has caused division among many of you. The spirit of pride has become a mother of the shepherds and religious. …

Turn to the Good Shepherd who loves you. Allow Him, Who gave His life for you to heal your confused and wounded hearts through His love and mercy. Bring your flock back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and let them pasture in His love and mercy. Be available to your flock and do not allow the spirit of business to keep you away from your flock. Teach your flock the importance of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, prayer and reading Holy Scripture. You are God’s voice on earth, take the responsibility entrusted to you seriously.

I speak to all those representatives who have turned away from the love of the Good Shepherd. It is time to wake up from all the confusion which the Devil has infected you with. It is time to be healed.To the shepherds who have remained loyal and obedient to God, I ask you to help your brothers and sisters who are weak in their faith. Know, beloved, that Heaven is at your disposal. Turn to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is your Heavenly Mother. She will help you to love her Son, Jesus. Trust in her intercession.

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