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Witness: Blessed Catherine de St. Augustine

Blessed Catherine de St. Augustine is honoured as one of the six founders of the Catholic Church in Canada. Upon her arrival in New France (Quebec, Canada) in 1648, Blessed Catherine ministered to the sick of both the Aboriginal and European populations. She was known to have visions of our Lord, the saints and of future events in Canada. She recorded her vision of St. Joseph:

“I saw a very august procession of blessed souls ... John the Baptist was at the head and carried a white banner, white as snow, on which was written in large red characters these words: Ecce Agnus Dei, ecce qui tollit peccata mundi. This procession seemed to rise in the air … St. Joseph was the closest at the entrance of the eternal gates, and it was he, it seemed to me, who spoke first to the Most August Trinity; and addressing himself to the person of God the Father,

after the most sacred humanity (the souls) was put into its appointed place, said to Him in a language of the blessed:

‘This talent has profited so much that not only do I return it to You doubled, but You see this multitude that it has acquired; I return all to You and offer it to You.’

The Eternal Father then not only set him over a great many people, but even said to him: “Faithful servant! Since you were the steward of My house on earth, I want you to command here and to have power."  The Son Himself gave him power over Him, all King of glory that He was, and wanted him to have the honor of commanding Him. 

Then, hence, turning to St. Joseph, I said to him: “Great saint, I am one of yours; ask of the King of glory that through all eternity I not be separated from His love. He will refuse you nothing.”

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