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Hail Joseph, image of God the Father.

Hail Joseph, father of God the Son.

Hail Joseph, temple of the Holy Ghost.

Hail Joseph, beloved of the Holy Trinity.

Hail Joseph, most faithful helper in the great plan of Redemption.


Hail Joseph, most worthy spouse of the Virgin Mother.

Hail Joseph, father of all the faithful.

Hail Joseph, guardian of holy virgins.

Hail Joseph, greatest lover of poverty.

Hail Joseph, example of meekness and patience.

Hail Joseph, mirror of humility and obedience.


Blessed art thou among all men.

And blessed are thine eyes,

which have seen what thou hast seen.


And blessed are thine ears,

which have heard what thou hast heard.


And blessed are thy hands,

which have touched the Word Incarnate.


And blessed are thine arms,

which have carried the One Who carries all things.


And blessed is thy breast,

on which the Son of God most sweetly reposed.


And blessed is thy heart,

kindled with most ardent love.


And blessed be the Eternal Father, Who chose thee.

And blessed be the Son, Who loved thee.

And blessed be the Holy Ghost, Who sanctified thee.

And blessed be Mary, thy spouse,

who loved thee as a spouse and a brother.


And blessed be the Angel, who guarded thee.

And blessed be forever all who bless thee and who love thee.

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