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KRAKOW, POLAND: 1936 – 1937

Witness: St. Faustina Kowalska


St. Faustina Kowalska is best known for making the message of “Divine Mercy” known to the world – having received messages and visions of our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. A little-known fact, St. Faustina was also blessed to behold St. Joseph on some rare occasions but only once did he speak to her. Related here are her diary entries in which St. Faustina mentions seeing St. Joseph, accompanied with Jesus and Mary, and the one time he spoke to her.

February 2, 1936: (Diary Entry 608) When Mass began, a strange silence and joy filled my heart. Just then, I saw Our Lady with the Infant Jesus, and the Holy Man St. Joseph standing behind them. The most holy Mother said to me: “Take my dearest Treasure…” and she handed me the Infant Jesus. When I took the Infant Jesus in my arms, the Mother of God and St. Joseph disappeared. I was left alone with the Infant Jesus.

December 25, 1936: (Diary Entry 846) During Midnight Mass, God’s presence pierced me through and through. A moment before the Elevation (of the Host) I saw the Mother of God, the Infant Jesus, and the good man St. Joseph.

July 30, 1937: (Diary Entry 1203) St. Joseph urged me to have a constant devotion to him. He himself told me to recite these prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and the Memorare to St. Joseph, once every day. He looked at me with great kindness and gave me to know how much he is supporting this work (of mercy). He has promised me his special help and protection. I recite the requested prayers every day and feel his special protection.

December 25, 1937: (Diary Entry 1442) When I arrived at Midnight Mass, from the very beginning I steeped myself in deep recollection, during which time I saw the stable of Bethlehem filled with great radiance. The Blessed Virgin, all lost in the deepest of love, was wrapping Jesus in swaddling clothes, but St. Joseph was still asleep. Only after the Mother of God put Jesus in the manger, did the light of God awaken Joseph, who was also praying. But after a while, I was left alone with the Infant Jesus who stretched out His little hands to me, and I understood that I was to take Him in my arms. Jesus pressed His head against my heart and gave me to know, by His profound gaze, how good He found it to be next to my heart. At that moment Jesus disappeared and the bell was ringing for Holy Communion.

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