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Using the words of Popes, Saints, and approved mystics, The Book of Joseph aims to dispel the common belief held by many that nothing is known about the saint other than what is mentioned briefly in the Bible. This work, which has been granted the Imprimatur, presents the life of St. Joseph beginning with the faithful prayers of his parents to conceive a son to his birth and childhood, harassment by the devil, his marriage to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the birth and life with Christ, through to the circumstances of his death and his glorification in Heaven.


In addition to the theory of the assumption of St. Joseph, his sanctification in the womb and perpetual virginity are discussed. The book concludes with a series of prayers and devotions, including the Holy Cloak and Chaplet of St. Joseph. There are also sections on feast days, relics, approved St. Joseph apparitions, as well as many works of art.


St. Joseph, the “silent saint”, speaks to the world in the Church-approved apparitions related in this book. In these recent times, we have been blessed to finally hear the words of the Patron of the Universal Church as he calls us to honor, and implore graces from, his Most Chaste Heart - ever united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Apparitions & Visions included: Manaus, Brazil; Fatima, Portugal; Cotignac, France; Rome City, USA; Knock, Ireland; Quebec, Canada; Krakow, Poland. This book also contains the messages of St. Joseph from Itapiranga which were approved by Archbishop Carillo Gritti. (Messages which came after the approval are not related here, for the time being).

TO THEE O BLESSED JOSEPH prayer booklet.

This booklet includes the following devotions and prayers with which you can venerate St. Joseph: Holy Cloak Devotion, Akathist Hymn to St. Joseph the Betrothed, Seven Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph, Chaplet of St Joseph, The Little Office of St. Joseph, Thirty Days' Prayer, and many others!

Pope Benedict XV, Bonum Sane 25 July 1920: We, full of confidence in the patronage of the one to whose provident supervision God was pleased to entrust the custody of His only-begotten Incarnate Son, and the Virgin Mother of God, earnestly exhort all the faithful, ... in time so turbulent for Christianity, to pray with greater commitment for the valuable help of St. Joseph. And since there are several ways you can venerate the Holy Patriarch, especially every Wednesday ... We want for everyone to heed this request - that all these devotions, as much as possible, are practised.


Contained in this booklet are accounts of visitations and miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her people throughout Portuguese history, both before and after her world famous apparitions at Fatima in 1917. Most of the narrations compiled here have been translated from their original Portuguese, into English, for the very first time.

This book relates the following stories:

Our Lady of the Ferns, Reguengo do Fétal
Our Lady of Nazareth, Nazaré
Our Lady of Sorrows, Pranto
Our Lady of Paradise, Azambuja
Our Lady of the Cave, Quintela
Our Lady of Miracles, Ilha do Corvo
Our Lady of Peace, Vila Franca do Campo
Our Lady of the Sands, São Vicente de Aljubarrota
Our Lady of the Assumption, Vilas Boas
Our Lady of the Apparition, Balugães
Our Lady of the Apparition, Folhada
Our Lady of the Nettles, Fatima
Our Lady of the Olive Tree, Tortosendo
Our Lady of Peace, Barral
Our Lady of the Rosary, Fatima
Our Lady of the Holy Mountain, Água de Pau
Our Lady Mother of the Redeemer, Asseiceira.

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