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Apparitions of St Joseph Manaus Brazil a
approved St Joseph apparitions manaus br

Since 1991 Larissa Baptista is said to have been receiving messages from Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The phenomenon occurs in the form of an inner locution when she prays. Larissa is also said to receive interior visions which she says are imprinted on her soul and intellect. Inner locution is common in the Church. Saints Catherine of Sienna, Tereza D'Avila, John of the Cross, and many others are examples of how God manifests Himself and continues to act through internal visions and locutions. On August 27, 2018, these visions and messages were given Church approval by Archbishop Sergio Eduardo Castriani. Below are the messages pertaining to St. Joseph.


ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 08/03/2016:

"Peace be with you and with your family. I, Joseph, come from God to exhort you to trust in my Son as I trust. I come to help lift your spirits in the face of despair. In these times when the children are particularly mistreated, persecuted, I come as an effective aid to fight against Herod who continues to dissipate the children. Your sons and your daughters are in danger, your children are leaving the family very early to throw themselves into the world that kills them without mercy. Yes, the children are dying in their innocence, in their purity.

I come then to introduce myself to them as an effective help in these times of great danger. I also wish to be known as the father and protector of children. As I have defended my Son from the womb of the Immaculate, so I desire to defend and protect your children. I am the defender of the defenseless little children, I am the great and present warrior that fights the old Herod. Make me known as the protector of the children, I will keep them in my Heart which is united to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - pulsating together with the desire to make your children holy."


ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 09/03/2016:


"Peace be with you and with your family. I come again to tell you God's desire that I become known and loved among children. I wish to be their protection in moments of danger. I desire that everyone, even children,  recognize my Chaste and Virginal Heart as your safe haven.


Boys who are consecrated to me ...

1. Will receive from God the grace to be His joy on earth as I was.

2. Will receive special graces to follow their vocations with fidelity to God without ever departing from their laws.

3. Boys who have a particular devotion to my Chaste Heart will not offend God with the sin of impurity and will reject all kinds of filth that the world tries to cover their souls with.

4. These children will have the grace, if it is the will of God, to become exemplary parents and husbands faithful to the Divine laws.

5. They will have the grace, as I do, to be fathers, protectors, and caretakers of their families.

Consecrate your children to my Chaste and Virginal Heart."

Larissa: And the girls, Saint Joseph? What do you have for them?

1. "The purity of soul and body. They will be as wives of the Lord and will follow their vocations, belonging to God in their innocence.

2. The girls who consecrate themselves to me will have my paternal protection until the end of their days.

3. They will be comforted by me in their afflictions and will never see the days of darkness without my protection.

4. Daughters who consecrate themselves to me will have strength, courage to face all kinds of situations without ever losing their patience, courage and faith. I myself will carry you on my lap as my Divine Son.

5. I will comfort you and watch over your physical and spiritual integrity. I will be your protector on Earth and  in Heaven.

Propagate, my daughter, this salutary devotion of the children to my Chaste and Virginal Heart.
I bless you with the blessing of peace."

OUR LORD JESUS - Manaus, 10/03/2016:


"My daughter, I promise to whoever devotes themselves to Joseph a particular wisdom not granted to those who do not place their confidence in him. Behold, though I am God, I submitted to his teachings to show that this is a sure way to reach Heaven. Joseph's Heart is an inexhaustible source of grace because it is nourished by my Sacred Heart and by the Heart of the one who accompanied me in submitting to Joseph: Mary. Have complete confidence in him who loved me on earth and who does not leave my presence in Heaven. Saint Joseph is a strong presence in these times of danger. Many graces will be attained for those who seek them from his Paternal Heart." 

Larissa- Lord, is St. Joseph as holy as your Mother?
"Indeed. Just as my Mother reflects my light, so too does he reflect hers' and mine."

ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 18/03/2016:

While praying the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, I saw the boy Joseph who held a lit candle in his right hand and a cross in the left. St. Joseph said:

"My heart was full of innocence, not a childish innocence, but an innocence that surpassed the wisest of the earth."

At the fourth mystery, I saw Jesus, Mary and Joseph - all three as children. I realized that Joseph was taller than Mary and Jesus. Jesus was much lower than both. At this moment I remembered the great humility of Jesus, that by being Great, He becomes the smallest out of humility.

At the fifth mystery, as I meditated on the loss and finding of the child Jesus, I felt a pain in my chest, a sadness, then I heard St. Joseph again, saying:

"During the moments when my Son was lost, my Heart bled. I realized my smallness in taking care of the Son of God. I could not do it without His grace."

God allowed me to see St. Joseph's great humility before the mystery to which he was invited to participate. I then knelt down and I saw Our Lady, as an adult, who gently placed her hands on the back of St. Joseph and pushed him gently forward, as if introducing me. He wore a light green tunic with a golden collar. His face was thin, his hair was light brown and wavy. He carried a large lily in his hands. St. Joseph spoke:

"Peace be with you, daughter of the Most High, peace to all mankind! On this day, honored as Patron of the Church, I come to tell you that I am truly the Protector and Guardian not only of the Church of Christ, but also of the church that is your home.

Holy as I am, by the power and goodness of the Most High, I wish to sanctify your homes, leaving with each family a piece of the Heaven that I lived in Nazareth. I am the patron of your family, I want to help you live the in the ways of the Most High, as I have lived. Be therefore docile, in these times when the Church of Christ is vilified, be docile to His Word.

I want to reveal to you the sweetness and simplicity of my boyish Heart. I received from God at an early age the grace of wisdom that surpasses the wisest of the Earth, a gift that God has communicated to me which I  communicate to the Church. Today my Heart holds you, Larissa, and I want you to reveal my Heart to the world without fear. I have, and always did have, an innocent heart: innocent in love and pure of spirit. There is no innocence without true love for God. I had an innocent heart from an early age. Cultivate this innocence as a child and you will see God. Communicate to the people that I establish with them my eternal friendship."


ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 31/08/2016:

"I give to you an effective formula for consecrating your children to me:

O Glorious Saint Joseph, loving Father of the Child God. I give to you this day my life and everything that belongs to it. Take care of my body (+) so that I never lose childlike purity, take care of my ears (+) my eyes (+) and my mouth (+) so that they will perpetually maintain innocence in their natural acts. Keep me from the adversaries of my soul so that I may keep and persevere in the faith. Above all, St. Joseph, guard my heart in yours and I will keep my innocence, that I may reach Heaven. Saint Joseph, father of Jesus, and my friend, guard me.

This consecration should be done after three days of meditation on the footsteps of my life. Write down:

1. Joy I had in knowing that Mary begot the Son of God and consequently that I would have Him in my arms

2. Joy I felt when I saw Him wrapped in swaddling clothes, and placed in my parental arms.

3. Joy I experienced with Him after three days of cruel pursuit by Herod's soldiers.

Let them meditate on my steps and pray. At the end of three consecutive days consecrate themselves to my Heart."


ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 09/09/2016: 

"Come, my daughter, and write what God wants to speak, through me, as a gift to humanity. Three are the most perfect virtues that have adorned my Heart, three perfumed lilies that put the demon to flight. I want you to honor my Heart as a balm for suffering humanity.


My Heart has three stars upon it: The first star honors my holy birth. The second honors my life with my beloved spouse: the Holy Virgin who perfumed my days on earth and now in paradise. The third star honors my death and definitive encounter with my Savior. All these perfected my life on earth and guaranteed my life in Heaven.

My Heart holds, in its center, the cross of my Son Jesus who is the center of, and only reason for, my life. He was born in God and for God. The birth of the God-Child brought to my Heart the divine flames which issue forth from it. The Holy Spirit came into my Heart so as to prepare me to receive the One who would save mankind. I am the child who was sanctified by the Spirit in love."

ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 10/09/2016:

​​"Peace be with you, little one, do not be frightened, I let you sleep a little longer. I thank you for what you are doing for Heaven. God will reward you greatly. You were chosen, by God, to bring to humanity to the knowledge of my Chaste and Virginal Heart and all that it wishes to reveal.


Be glad! Today, I will reveal to you the graces that are poured out on humanity every time my Childlike Heart honored:

1- I will never cease to hear your prayers and, if it is the will of God, to grant those petitions through my Chaste Heart.

2 - You will be strong when faced with tribulation and I will defend, with the purity of my innocence, all those who call to me through my Chaste and Childlike Heart.

3. My Childlike Heart is a sure source for salvation, for I carry Christ in my Heart.

Two virtues are intrinsic in my Chaste and Virginal Heart: chastity and virginity, I never wanted to lose these qualities, not that those who no longer possess these are not good, but it was God's will for me to retain these. 

ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 10/09/2016: I want to teach you this little Rosary, this Chaplet, for the children pray every day.

You will begin to pray the Chaplet as you would the Marian Rosary, with the Sign of the Cross and the Apostles' Creed.

On the large beads you will pray:

Hail, son of David, you are my refuge and my protection. Save the children of the whole world.

On the small beads you will say:

First ten - Hail Joseph, my friend, protect the children from the evil one.

Second decade - Hail Joseph, my friend, save the children from the evil one.

Third decade - Hail Joseph, my friend, restore the childhoods lost by the evil one.

Fourth decade - Hail Joseph, my friend, heal children who have been sickened by the evil one.

Fifth decade - Hail Joseph, my friend, defend the innocence of the children which the evil one tries to destroy.

In the end you should say: St. Joseph turn our children towards Heaven, by your Chaste and Virginal heart. Jesus, Mary and Joseph our children are yours'. Amen.


ST. JOSEPH - Manaus, 10/09/2016: Prayer taught by St. Joseph:


O Joseph, chaste and virginal man. Your Childlike Heart is a refuge for my Soul. Your Holy Childhood inspires my life that, in this vale of tears, I may always strive for salvation.


Joseph, teach me your faith so that I will always escape anything that is contrary to my salvation.

Joseph, teach me the virtue of purity and chastity to please God in soul and body. Joseph, Childlike Heart, restore in my life the innocence of a child that pleases Heaven so much. You are my fragrant lily, you are my inspiration. You are the delicacy of all the Saints.

You are my strength in moments of danger. Joseph, with the Heart of a Child, defend my soul from the assaults of the devil. You are the beloved child of God. Saint Joseph, model of all virtues, help me to go to Heaven. Amen.

Our Lord Jesus - Manaus, 19/03/2018: "Peace be with you! I want to My people to invoke Joseph as the holy and blessed child of God. In your most difficult afflictions, call on him, and pray this way:

Holy and blessed child of God, save me in this affliction. Untie the knots which have tangled my path, knock down the walls which hinder me. Come to my aid and with the light of your purity, enlighten my path. Lead me, that the darkness of lost faith will vanish. Light my way and lead my feet down the road of salvation. Saint Joseph, holy and blessed child of God, stand by me so that I may remain in this moment of affliction, in the heart of God, my only rest. Amen.

With this prayer comes many graces. I want it to be prayed for the world to recognize in Joseph, the holy and blessed child of God, the right and effective help. May my people pray and obtain great graces from his heart and Mine, for I do all things for my virgin father."

St. Joseph - Manaus, 19/03/2018: I, the humble servant of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with a heart full of joy and also of sorrow, wish to please them and serve them. Today, I have a single mission in my heart: to take you all to the eternal place where God is. I desire nothing but to lead you to Heaven. I will accompany you through your afflictions and I will be an attentive father to you. ... I walk by your side because I serve God in this way. To those who invoke me as the holy and blessed boy, I will pour out of my child's heart important graces that will open Heaven. Today, in a particular way, I bless your children, I bless your families, and I bless each of your missions.


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