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THE BOOK OF JOSEPH - Using the words of Popes, Saints, and approved mystics, The Book of Joseph aims to dispel the common belief held by many that nothing is known about the saint other than what is mentioned briefly in the Bible. This work, which has been granted the Imprimatur, presents the life of St. Joseph beginning with the faithful prayers of his parents to conceive a son to his birth and childhood, harassment by the devil, his marriage to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the birth and life with Christ, through to the circumstances of his death and his glorification in Heaven.


In addition to the theory of the assumption of St. Joseph, his sanctification in the womb and perpetual virginity are discussed. The book concludes with a series of prayers and devotions, including the Holy Cloak and Chaplet of St. Joseph. There are also sections on feast days, relics, approved St. Joseph apparitions, as well as many works of art.



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ST. JOSEPH: MESSAGES OF THE HEART - This book is divided into four parts: Part one documents traditionally accepted apparitions of St. Joseph. The second part presents apparitions which have undergone ecclesiastical investigation resulting in being declared “worthy of belief” by the Church, approved. Part three gives accounts of apparitions which are either undergoing investigation or have no formal decision made concerning authenticity at this time. These are presented for your discernment. Part four lists apparitions which have been disproved or condemned by the Church. This is list is for reference and to make the faithful aware of what to avoid.



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